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Recycle organic waste


The Municipality of Rotterdam, is looking for ways to establish circularity as the trademark of the city. Because leveraging synergies is key to making a real impact, the municipality has launched open challenges to invite other players to join on this journey.

The amount of waste produced by Rotterdam (nearly 300 million kilos annually) represents the largest opportunity to apply circularity. The municipality collects about 10 million kilos of vegetables, fruit, and garden waste from low-rise houses (houses with a garden) every year. In the coming years, this will see an increase to 17 million kilos since the municipality will also collect vegetables, fruit, and food scraps from high-rise houses and apartments.

This challenge calls for advanced & novel waste separation, recovery, and conversion technologies. The innovation must comply with high environmental standards, to reduce carbon emissions connected to waste processing.

Grab this opportunity to work alongside the Municipality on creating scalable impact in the city of Rotterdam together with local partners such as the Port of Rotterdam, the petrochemical industry, and other connected stakeholders in the local ecosystem!